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Who is Agingdoc ?

Who is @agingdoc1 ?

David created "Agingdoc" on Twitter to consolidate publications and articles along the themes of healthspan, geroscience (aging biology), and lifestyle medicine. This social media account posts interesting and topical articles and publications but is not intended to reflect endorsement or agreement with published materials


 @agingdoc1 helps scientists and science communicators be aware of good and bad research in circulation, so that they may appropriately translate and cririque for their audiences and the general public. This account also aims to mediate constructive, respectful dialogue and academic exchange around controversial health topics, as well as raise awareness of the value of health and wellness research. @agingdoc1 provides no medical advice or services and is for informational purposes only. Posts by @agingdoc1 are not not a reflection of products and services by Healthspan Coaching LLC.

Agingdoc Photo ( or @agingdoc1 on Twitter).
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Where is agingdoc? Mystery doc behind agingdoc.


You may notice Agingdoc a few new places now, either under "agingdoc" or "agingdoc1" on social media. Youtube now hosts interviews around healthy longevity, aging biology, lifestyle medicine, and more. For more, see: 

The original Aging Doc, Agingdoc is featured on social media and is host of the Agingdoc Podcast. provides online longevity expertise and services to clients. This virtual coaching practice sees clients from around the world towards optimizing their health protocols and the pursuit of lifespan healthy longevity.
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@agingdoc1 is a social media avatar, and the content posted under @agingdoc1 are soley for informational and entertainment purposes,. No comments, shares, or posts or other content by @agingdoc1 should be construed as medical advice, agreement, nor the views of Healthspan Coaching LLC.

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