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Translating evidence-based longevity science today 

for a healthier more fulfilled tomorrow.

Meet Dr. Dixon



A Healthspan Coaching Blueprint for Healthy Longevity 

David Barzilai, MD PhD is a longevity specialist, health coach, speaker, thought leader, and pioneer at the forefront of optimizing personal healthy lifespan, bringing expertise on the most impactful advances in research to his clients. Through Barzilai Consulting (Healthspan Coaching LLC), David incorporates the latest data, scientific and technology breakthroughs, providing state-of-the-art longevity and healthy lifestyle coaching and consultations one-on-one with his clients. Quality of life, physical and mental vigor, and younger, healthier lifespan biologic aging ("youthspan") are at the center of Barzilai Consulting's mission.

Discover your longevity and healthspan potential 

  • Work closely with a knowledgeable, compassionate, highly trained health and longevity specialist

  • Target your personal healthy longevity goals

  • Develop and optimize evidence-based healthspan strategies and protocols

  • Collaborate to troubleshoot and overcome obstacles

  • Partner to address your most important values and concerns

David has in-depth knowledge but as a healthy longevity coach, he does not diagnose or treat. While no physician-patient relationship is formed, as a coach and consultant, David leverages evidence-based best practices, practical tools and personal experience towards helping clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals..

Common client objectives include:

  • Lifestyle: diet (weight maintenance), healthy eating (nutrition), physical activity (exercise), sleep, stress

  • Optimizing regimens and protocols (both natural and exogenous)

  • Expertise around health areas of controversy

  • Discussion of apparently conflicting data

  • In-depth discussion and analysis of current regimens/protocols/lifestyle by David for discussion, insight, and collaborative trouble-shooting

  • Quantified self, longevity, and evidence-based regimen expertise

  • Life coaching including for relationships, business, sense of purpose and what matters most in your life, whether at work (executive coaching) or at home

  • A collaborative partnership, working together to help you proactively design and navigate your health journey and best life    

Sessions may be highly specific, or part of an extended relationship as part of David's longevity cohort clientele interested in maintaining a long-term lifespan approach with David to optimize their health maintenance, function, and lifespan performance.

Sessions are client-driven, and based on an individualized blueprint of health goals, founded on sound frameworks incorporating the latest research, best practices and user-friendly, practical protocols. 

David Barzilai MD PhD is Agingdoc

David Barzilai MD PhD

"My first priority is understanding my client and their needs.

Many are under the management of a concierge medical practice (I operate here as a consultant not as medical doctor) and seek me out for my longevity expertise and input. For these clients I serve as an instrumental part of their health team by providing complementary expertise and support. This may, for example, include incorporating the latest cutting edge technology and optimal health guidelines and protocols.


It may also include executive coaching, and detailed comprehensive peer-review. What we're really talking about here is a lifespan, long-term partnership, mapping and navagating together your optimal health strategic plan.

Others seek me out for deeper insight into taking a broader lifespan preventative health approach.


These clients are often invested in reviewing the latest advances in precision medicine 3.0 paradigms and health practices whether they may be emerging international health management and preventative medicine guidelines, or in areas of controversy such as off-label use of rapamycin (I do not prescribe medications as a consultant, but do provide in-depth scientific expertise and may discuss at length these, including with clinican-clients who themselves prescribe them and are interested my expterise including discussion of the "deep" literature including their strengths, limitations and implications).

 Others seek out highly specific expertise such as for:

  • Evidence-based health frameworks 

  • Optimal dietary practices

  • Brain health supporting exercise workouts for higher risk or highly motivated individuals

  • Health surveillance and improvement protocols.

For all my clients, our collaboration supports their general health and development of a mission-driven, fulfilling, productive and optimally balanced life."



All coaching and consultation is performed personally by David. For your ease, personalized Zoom/phone sessions can be booked through the online calendar. This website will guide you step-by-step.

David's story as longevity coach

Video biography from the Sheekey Science Show.

Who is Agingdoc? (that little cartoon character at the very bottom) 

Mountain Landscape
"I had the pleasure and good fortune to have a private phone consultation with the famous and extremely well informed Agingdoc- real name David Barzilai MD, PHD. It’s virtually impossible to find a medical doctor well versed in all things health and life extension related, and certainly you won’t find one as informed as David.

He has vast knowledge of the medical literature, second to none, and this is clear if you’ve ever visited his Twitter site, agingdoc1, where, on a daily basis, he posts numerous up to date studies in the longevity field.

I found him to be refreshingly humble, engaging, and incredibly informed."

Maryland, USA

"It’s virtually impossible to find a medical doctor well versed in all things health and life extension related... I found him to be refreshingly humble, engaging, and incredibly informed."


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